WHOIS services with non-standard interface Part 2

Recently, I really like the Russian-language service 2ip.ru. At this service, you can find a lot of the necessary tools that are easy to always have on hand especially for webmasters. And I think that the service that would be worthy of him to write about more than the previous year. First of all, I like the design of the site in terms of usability 2ip.ru developers in this regard have thought through all the glory. Right at the entrance to the site the user sees its own IP-address and various other personal information on the computer from which you entered the site. (eg further you can see such personal data as the name of your computer, operating system, which you boauzer where you are and who your ISP).

Just from the home page you can go to a large range of functions. For convenience, there is a menu at the top or at the center of the page.

In addition to standard whois functions, there are other tests. To list all the tests I am not going to, because a lot of them. For example, you can learn: their speed Internet connections, the distance to the site, the presence of IP in spam databases, checking the existence of email and can even scan the file for viruses.

You can still call your attention to the function of generating a post office box as an image to protect against robot builders addresses. If you want to hide your real IP you can use anonymizes. For webmasters will probably be interested in test definition content management system.
Also on the site there is a section “SOFT” in which you can find several programs to test your computer.